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501 travel photography tips:
a project to show 501 illustrated tips to help improve your travel photography!

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Welcome to Better Travel Photography. An exciting new website by professional travel photographer and writer, Steve Davey, that aims to help you to get more out of your travel photography.

There is a comprehensive learning zone, with a range of initiatives to help you to improve your travel photography. This includes a unique series of 501 travel photography tips, and travel photography galleries and features.

A major part of the site are the travel photography tours with Steve Davey. To balance Steve's professional and family life, we only run three or four tours a year. These tours are a fantastic way to explore some of the most photogenic parts of the world and to learn more about travel photography than you ever thought possible. At the moment we have a number of unique tours available: a welcome to Indochina with Impressions of Laos and the Middle East with Impressions of Jordan. Looking forward to 2020, we have two departures of Impressions of Namibia, a new and improved Impressions of Madagascar and the first of our brand new 'assignment:' series, assignment: Holi.

For those people who don't have the time or money to join one of our full photography tours, or who want to increase their skills before they hit the road, we have launched an exciting new range of London based photography courses. To see this range of courses,visit the courses section of the website by clicking here.

We have recently launched an exclusive mentoring service, which gives you personal coaching from Steve to help you to improve your photography, or establish a professional career; or the chance to have a personal portfolio review session.

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Travel photography is about more than just taking pictures. It can be a fantastic motivation to get out there and see and experience all that the world has to offer. Being a photographer has meant that I have seen more sunrises, climbed more mountains and met more incredible people than I ever would have done without a camera. If I manage to convey just some of the wonder and enjoyment that I have experienced over my years of travelling with a camera then this site will have succeeded!

travel photography galleries: showing some amazing places in the world and expanding on travel photography themes.

travel photography features: covering some more complex aspects of travel photography and some incredible destinations.

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