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By combining experience gained from years as working professional travel photographer, with that gleaned from leading a number of photographic trips for Intrepid Travel, Steve has designed and created a range of tours that are completely different from anything else that is available.

On Steve's tours, you will see some fascinating parts of the world in Intrepid's unique style whilst gaining a valuable insight into the life of a professional travel photographer. With Steve's patience, enthusiasm and experience you will drastically improve your travel photography and learn more about taking pictures than you ever thought possible.

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The primary thing that Steve is intending with his tours if for you to improve your travel photography. But he is also mindful that this is a holiday as well as a photographic tour. Whilst people are encouraged to take advantage of as many photographic opportunities as possible, you are also able to relax, shop, sight-see and fully experience the country that you are travelling in.

As these tours are a completely separate product to Intrepid trips, Steve has the freedom to pick and mix from the various Intrepid styles to give you a totally unique experience. Sometimes we will stay in more comfortable-style hotels, other times more basic accommodation will give us better access or a better experience!

The travel arrangements are organised to give you the best experience and also the best possible photo-opportunities. Most of the time we will be travelling in our own private vehicle, which means that we have the freedom to stop for pictures and travel at times to suit us. Occasionally we will use public transport when it is more convenient or adds to the experience.

Steve believes that his tours should be as rich an experience as possible and so has tried to include as much as possible in the tour price. A list of what is included is set out on the itinerary page of each tour.

Steve passionately believes that travel photography shouldn't be a chore, and that done correctly, travel photography can help you to get more out of your destination and can be the perfect excuse and motivation to engage with the world and the people you will meet in a more profound and active way. Quite simply, if you follow Steve's vision,you will get more out of your trip by being a photographer, than you ever would if you were travelling without a camera - and will come away with some great pictures as well!

Although Steve has an idea as to what he is planning to teach on the tour he is very flexible and always willing to change the plan. He starts the tour by asking what techniques and picture scenarios people are hoping to learn on the tour and incorporates these into the schedule.

Tuition on the tours is a mixture of practical on the spot demonstrations for things such as night photography or portraiture, mixed with short illustrated talks on various technical and practical considerations, which will take place most nights. The talks are illustrated with images that Steve has taken over the years.

Steve also encourages people to ask questions and will patiently deal with any matters that arise. If a question is relevant to the group as a whole, Steve will incorporate it into the teaching schedule.

Steve's tours don't just concentrate on the technical aspects of photography. Steve will teach you how to plan your coverage of a place, assess a scene and decide how you are going to photograph it, how to previsualise how your picture will come out and then how to achieve this. He will cover how to approach people to ask to take their portraits and how to decide on your composition when you are looking at a subject. This information will be useful to you no matter what camera you are using.

As well as the photographic side of travel photography, Steve is keen to encourage group members to enjoy the inspirational side of travel photography.

Travel photography is a fantastic motivator, and can galvanise people to see more sunrises, climb more mountains and probably most importantly, approach and interact with more people than if they were just travelling. In Steve's life, travel photography has been a catalyst, an inspiration and an excuse to get out and see and experience more of the world.

A bespoke range of photographic tours, designed and led by travel photographer Steve Davey. These tours draw on Steve's years of experience and intimate knowledge of some of the most fascinating and evocative parts of the planet.

More than a holiday, you will benefit from many picture taking opportunities as well as tailored photographic tuition & encouragement.

One of the benefits of booking on a Better Travel Photography tour is that they are all designed and led to fit with Steve Davey's unique vision on travel photography, travel and life in general.

Even the best larger travel company can loose its vision when it is diluted by the numbers of people that are employed there. These tours are very much the vision of Steve Davey and this has been honed with his experience of leading tours, and as a professional photographer. You can read about this vision, and what Steve is trying to achieve with his tours here.

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