Variable price policy

To cope with the challenge of travel in the Covid era, we have introduced a variable pricing policy. Traditionally we have always priced our trips to be full, in order to keep prices as keen as possible. This means that dropping even a coupe of places can severely affect the viability of a trip: more than that means we are running at a loss.

Rather than hike prices accross the board to cover ourselves for people dropping out we have instituted this policy. The price varies per person, so if people drop out before paying the balance of the trip, but without us having the chance to replace them, then we are covered. In essence, this makes it more likely that the trip will still go ahead, and that we won't have to cancel the departure!

When you book a trip, you should assume and be prepared to pay the higher 8 person price. Obviously if the trip goes ahead with this number then you will benefit from more personal attention with your photography. Once we have the final payments in, and it is too late for people to pull out and get a refund then we will notify you of the final price and action any refunds.

room share policy

Prices for this trip is based on a compulsory room share basis: that is on two people sharing a room.

If you are travelling with a partner, or a friend, then this doesn't affect you, but if you are travelling on your own, you will be paired up with another same-sex member of the group to share.

In order to keep prices as low as possible, sharing a room, or paying the single supplement is compulsory on this trip: we simply can't afford anyone having a single room without paying for it.

This means that we will have to manage the rooming lists carefully, so that this situation doesn't crop up. Unfortunately this means that the availability of places or the availability of the optional single supplement cannot be guaranteed. When making a booking, the more flexible that you can be over rooming and dates, the more likely you will be to get a place!

Some tours advertise that they don't charge single supplements. This is somewhat disengenuous. The do charge single supplements, they just build it into the overall tour price, whether someone is sharing a room or not. We don't think that this is fair on those who are sharing.

We don't make any money out of the single supplements: they represent the cost that we are charged for only having one person in a room. Some destinations have single rooms and so the single supplement will be lower. Others, notably in India, tend to have a room cost irrespective of whether there is one or two people in the room. This means that the single supplement is often considerably higher.

Either way - we will do our best to keep it as low as possible, or to try to find a roomshare if requested.