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Japan is a famously difficult and expensive country to travel in. Films like 'Lost In Translation' have emphasised language and cultural difficulties, but ultimately these combine with its incredible history to make it the most rewarding and fascinating destination - especially in the beautiful Autumn Red Leaf season.

It is wrong to think of a country in terms of endless, classic sights and photo-opportunities, but this trip to Japan will offer you a pretty incredible shot list.

In Kyoto, you will be able to photograph the 'Path of the Red Gates' at the Fushimi Inari Shrine and the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest. In Nara, you will be able to photograph the friendly wild deer at the Kasuga Grand Shrine. On holy Mount Koya, you will be able to photographn in the atmospheric Okunoin cemetery, with over 200,000 stone statues, wooden totems and sometimes bizarre memorials.We will photograph the samurai castle at Himeji en route to the tragic city of Hiroshima, where you can photograph the haunting Genbaku (A-Bomb) Dome.

Outside of Hiroshima and on the peaceful island of Miyajima, we will be able to photograph the Shinto shrine of Itsukushima, famous for its huge bright orange gate (torii) that rises majestically out of the sea. Our visit is timed for both sunset and high tide!

After photographing the oldest original castle in the country, Matsumoto's 'Crow Castle', we continue on to Lake Yamanaka, where we will try to photograph the classic reflections of Mount Fuji at both sunset and sunrise.

With plenty of time in the bustling capital city of Tokyo, you will be able to photograph the views from the Roppongi Hills (the highest building in Tokyo), the ancient teashop in the Hama Rikyu Detached Gardens, the Senso-ji Temple and the Meiji Jingu Shrine as well as one of Tokyo’s iconic landmarks - the Shibuya Crossing!

You will also be able to experience many other classically Japanese things: the stunning Autumn colours of the Red Leaf Season, journeys on the Shinkansen Bullet Train, a night in a Monastery lodging and another in a traditional Ryoken, Japanese food and maybe even a karaoke session or two.


This tour will be led by photographer Jamie Marshall. Jamie is a long term friend who has already lead one tour to Ladakh, and accompanied me on two tours.I am confident in his abilities as a fantastic photographer, as well as his abilities to lead a tour. Jamie is helpful and patient when explaining photographic issues, great company when travelling and will help you to come back with many excellent photographs.


Although this is one of the most expensive trips that we have organised, it must be strongly emphasised that by Japanese standards it is still very much a budget itinerary. Having a private coach for a whole day in Japan is phenomenally expensive, and so we are using a lot of public transport. This is very reliable in Japan, but you will need to be capable of carrying your own luggage. On a few occasions we have included a bag transfer so that we can get on public transport with camera bags and not be encumbered by our main luggage. In these instances the transfer is for a single baggage and any extra luggage will be at cost.

Where we do have a private coach, we won't have the flexibility that we enjoy on other trips: as with most things in Japan private transport is very scheduled, and stopping at will is not possible!

We are travelling in the late Autumn, to try to time our trip for the Red Leaf Season. This does mean that we will have shorter days, but also miss the sapping heat of the Summer months. To make the most of our days, we will need to have many early starts to fit everything in. It should also be pointed out that it is obviously impossible to predict the peak of the Red Leaf season!

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Day 3: Osaka
Day 4: Mount Koya
Day 5: Hiroshima
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Day 7: Tsumago
Day 8: Matsumoto
Day 9: Lake Yamanaka
Day 10: Tokyo
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D815251This tour is led by Jamie Marshall - a professional photographer, based in Brighton. Jamie has spent the past 30 years pursuing a career in photography that has taken him to some of the highest, lowest, driest, hottest, wettest and wildest parts of the globe, photographing for travel guidebooks and major magazine and newspaper publishers.

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Highlights of this trip

• Japan's Red Leaf Season

• Historic Kyoto

• Fushimi Inari Shrine

Tsukiji Outer Market, Tokyo

Itsukushima torii gate

• Okunoin cemetery, Mt. Koya

• Japanese food & culture

Starts: 15 Nov. 2019
Ends: 27 Nov. 2019

Code: IOJ19

Price: From 3950 pp
excl. flights, based on

Min 10, max 12 people
Places available: 12
Trip is to be confirmed.


Optional single supplement: 1295

Estimated current
flight cost 650 - 750