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By combining experience gained from years as working professional travel photographer, with that gleaned from leading a number of photographic trips for Intrepid Travel, Steve has designed and created a range of tours that are completely different from anything else that is available.

On Steve's tours, you will see some fascinating parts of the world in Intrepid's unique style whilst gaining a valuable insight into the life of a professional travel photographer. With Steve's patience, enthusiasm and experience you will drastically improve your travel photography and learn more about taking pictures than you ever thought possible.

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I realise that booking a tour for anyone is a big decision. More than just being a case of money, the most precious resource for most of us is time.


I am very keen to ensure that people do not book on the wrong tour: whether this is someone booking on another tour when they should come with me, or indeed someone booking with me when another tour would be better for them. In part this is a moral decision, in part it is because unlike the vast majority of people running travel companies I actually lead the tours myself. There is nowhere to hide for me on a trip and so wanting to get the right people doing the right things on the right tour is not just a matter of personal pride! If you are not happy about booking the trip, we are both going to have a miserable time!


The most important thing about any photography tour is the photographer leading the tour. No matter how good the itinerary, if the photographer isn't up to the job, the tour won't go very well. Here I have outlined some of the questions that you should ask yourself about the person who will be leading any photography tour that you might be considering, and also the answers that I would give to these questions. I hope that this helps you to make the right decision - even if you decide not to come along on one of my trips.

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A while ago, on a different website, I wrote a list of pointers for people to consider when booking a photographic tour. As is only fair, I should give my answers to these for anyone who is considering booking one of my tours!

1). Who is going to be leading the tour?

You will pay extra to have a photographer on a tour - you might as well make sure that they are good, and that you will learn something from them. Beware any tour that doesn't name the photographer(s)... Are they ashamed, or just undecided? If they are ashamed, that says it all, if they are undecided, then how can the photographer have had any input in the design of the tour?

With Steve's tours you very much know the photographer who will be leading your tour. Steve has conceived and designed all of the itineraries and is happy to discuss the tours in advance.

2). Check out their work!
Check out their website. If they don't have any good pictures, or they work in a style that you don't like, then don't do the tour. People use their websites for their best work. If you are unimpressed, then just imagine what their day-to-day work will be like!

Steve's professional website can be found at This has a range of images and published work on it. You could also check out his books! There is a pdf preview of Travel Photography here and more information about his other books on his profile here.

3). Make sure that they are a working travel photographer.
Anyone who travels will come away with a few good shots. Shove these on a website and they might look good. A working travel photographer will be used to short shoots and unpredictable conditions. They will be able to give you tips on coming back with great pictures when you have a couple of days in a location, the weather is bad and there is scaffolding everywhere! If they aren't a working travel photographer then do you really want a studio or wedding photographer who just takes one foreign holiday a year, or even a journalist with a camera to be teaching you about travel photography?

Steve has been commissioned by a number of magazine and book publishers, which has given him a great experience in working with limited time and budget - a situation that mirrors the experience of the amateur travel photographer on holiday!

The best example of this was when shooting his two books for the BBC. The shooting schedule for Unforgettable Islands involved catch 99 different flights in 11 months and travelling the equivalent of 7.5 times around the world. With little or no time for re-shoots or ability to wait until the sun shines, this was an object lesson in bringing back great pictures irrespective of the weather. Steve will teach you how to approach a location, plan your photography and come back with great pictures, no matter how much time you have and how unlucky you might be with the weather!

4). Checkout their footprint!
Any decent photographer will have built a name for themselves. Look at their website and see where they have had work published and who they have worked for. A few agency sales of existing work is no real indicator. See who has commissioned them to go off on trips. This shows they have a proven ability to head off and take a range of shots in a short period of time. It is this specialised knowledge that will help you to improve your skills on the road. If no one in the industry will trust them with a commission, will you trust them with your valuable holiday?

Steve Davey studied a degree in photography, and has worked as a professional travel photographer ever since. His work has been published in books and magazine all over the world and he is the author and principle photographer of Unforgettable Places to See Before You Die and Unforgettable Islands to Escape to Before You Die. Between them, these two books have sold over 350,000 copies of the UK edition alone, and been translated into almost 30 language editions.

Steve writes a regular travel photography feature for Wanderlust Magazine in the UK and for Get Lost Magazine in Australia.

Steve has just written a major new book on Travel Photography – probably the most exhaustive manual on the subject.

If this is not enough for you, then his words and pictures can be found in magazines and books all over the world.

5). What is their approach to photography?
Email them and ask! Some people just stick everything on auto and concentrate on the image, others will teach you about shooting in RAW, manual exposure and fill-in flash, as well as thinking visually. If their approach is different to what you are looking for, then you probably won't learn as much and won't have as much fun!

Steve is a great believer in the craft of photography, and believes that a good technical grounding is vital. He advocates shooting in RAW and understanding your own exposure - not letting the camera do everything for you. He is able to explain the technical aspects of photography in a patient way that people can understand, and relate them in practical terms to real life situations and to whatever equipment you might use. If you have a greater technical knowledge, he can also wax lyrical on hyperfocal distance and reciprocity failure!

In parallel to his deep technical understanding of photography, Steve also advocates that the greatest asset to any photographer is their creativity. Many of the hints and techniques that Steve will teach can be carried out irrespective of the camera that you are using. For instance, Steve is an accomplished and prolific portrait photographer and will teach you how to approach people and give a lot of practical hints about good portraiture.

Lastly, Steve advocates that Travel Photography is the perfect motivator to encourage you to enjoy your photography. Photography can be you excuse and incentive to approach people on your travels, climb hills and mountains and get up for a number of perfect sunrises. Steve firmly believes that the drive for taking good pictures should not stop you enjoying your travels or experiencing the country you are travelling in.

6). Check on feedback!

Make sure that any feedback from previous tour refers to the photographer who will lead your tour! Kind of obvious really but an easy point to miss in the heat of the moment.

You can see some of the feedback from Steve's tours here, or please do contact us if you would like to speak to a previous traveller directly.

7). How many tours have they run?

For most of us, time and money are in short supply: do you really want to be a guinea pig for someone who hasn't run tours before?

The inaugural Better Travel Photography tours, Impressions of Morocco and Impressions of India, ran successfully in 2009. Since then Steve has run many tours to Laos, Vietnam, India, Morocco Cambodia and Jordan. This has given him a wealth of experience as to what constitutes a good tour, how to run a tour and also about teaching a diverse group of people and bringing out their own individual skills.

A bespoke range of photographic tours, designed and led by travel photographer Steve Davey. These tours draw on Steve's years of experience and intimate knowledge of some of the most fascinating and evocative parts of the planet.

More than a holiday, you will benefit from many picture taking opportunities as well as tailored photographic tuition & encouragement.

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