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Steve Davey has recently updated Footprint Travel Photography, into a much improved second edition. With over a hundred new photographs and fifty revised illustrations this book is more than just a travel photography manual, it is a call to travel, and to experience the world and all it has to offer.

Footprint Travel Photography is divided into the following sections, representing the different areas of knowledge that you will need:

Preparation This section looks at all of the equipment issues that you will need to consider before you leave, as well as the information you will require to plan your trip and take the best pictures.

Exploration This section explains how to travel with your camera, including keeping your equipment safe and how to survive on the road.

Execution This is the compendium of technical know-how that you will need to understand the craft of photography and to get the most out of your camera: exposure, focus and some of the scary modes, buttons and menu items that might confuse and bemuse you.

Inspiration Photography is not just the technical stuff: there are different approaches for different types of photography and different environments. This section should make you want to dig out your passport and hit the road. As a further incentive, there are inspirational images throughout the book, which illustrate certain key aspects of travel photography.

Correction There are so many things that can be done on a computer to enhance your digital images and, if you decide to shoot in RAW format, all of your images will have to be post-processed in some way. Most of these enhancements will also be relevant to scanned film.

Profession There are a number of ways of making money out of your photography, from competitions and print sales through to being a fully fledged professional.This section gives you a few tips of the trade.

A bespoke range of photographic tours, designed and led by travel photographer Steve Davey. These tours draw on Steve's years of experience and intimate knowledge of some of the most fascinating and evocative parts of the planet.

More than a holiday, you will benefit from many picture taking opportunities as well as tailored photographic tuition & encouragement.

Some reader reviews for Travel Photography

Best photography book I have read.
By David T. Thomas
This is the only photography book I have read from cover to cover - and I have at least 20. Steve is not only a great photographer, but he also has the ability, gained through practical experience, of knowing the challenges of taking a good photograph and explaining simply and with good humour how to overcome them.

The book is laid out in easy to access sections that create in themselves a top level workflow, from preparation before you travel to post production, and how to go about marketing your images when you get home. All his advice is illustrated through his own photographs, which set a tough benchmark for the rest of us to aim at. I am about to embark on a two month trip to Australia and New Zealand, and along with all my camera kit I shall definitely include Steve's book in my 20kg allowance. What better endorsement is there than that?

In a word... Excellent.
I D Coulter (England)

Covers everything you want to know without getting into too much technical detail. Also deals with photography using a film camera for anyone still using one.

Main thing for me was info on how to get decent photographs whilst on holiday rather than the "cheesy snaps" which bore your friends in minutes (despite what they might tell you).

Full of information rather than a lot of waffle that leaves you no wiser.

Excellent book
S. C. Thomas (UK)
Excellent book - if you only buy one, buy this one. Really useful for advancing your travel photography. Good advice without waffle.

Superb in every aspect
Stephen Vallely (Belfast, UK)

Everything about this book is excellent. The photography is wonderful and the explanations of techniques clear and concise. Steve Davey is clearly a gifted photographer and writer and I can't wait to get a place on one of his photographic trips!!

Great travel and general photography book.
By R. J. Ferguson
I purchased this book earlier in 2009 having delved into digital photography & bought several books on the topic in the past couple of years. This book is THE best one so far! Absolutely brilliant and inspiring - both from a travel photography and general photography point of view. I think I have read it cover to cover 4 or 5 times now! Congratulations and I look forward to the next one. Very informative and highly recommended for anyone wanting to improve their travel and general photography.

Inspirational and informative.
By William
Steve Davey's mission in this beautifully crafted book is to "inspire you to to create pictures that you are proud of, not just records of the fantastic places that you travel to." A quick flick through the 320-page volume and you'll see plenty of stunning examples of just how that can be achieved - from misty views of the Taj Mahal framed by trees and rushes to action shots of the Tomatina Festival in Spain.

This is far more, though, than a book of pretty pictures. Davey is clearly not only a master of the lens, but he also knows how to explain the art of travel photography in an informative yet engaging and personal way. The book is divided into six main sections: Preparation, Exploration, Execution, Inspiration, Correction and Profession. This works well for novice photographers who can work their way from cover to cover, while more experienced snappers can easily focus in on relevant topics. The Profession section at the end of the book gives a very useful introduction into how your photos can start earning you money.

All in all, this is is an excellent guidebook that should appeal to everyone, from keen travellers who like to pack a compact digital camera, to keen photographers who want to take their hobby to the next level.

Excellent Read - Good for everybody.
By M. P. Lacey
This is definitely the best photography book I have come across, it's been really good to read (I can't put it down which is unusual for something that isn't a novel!) and is pitched perfectly - it explains everything you need to know but never in a brainless way.

The book has useful information and advice for everyone interested in photography, not just for those who want to take their camera travelling with them and is presented beautifully.

Great book, love it!!!
By A. Wilk
I saw other books by this author and liked then, so buying this one was a must. Bought two, second its gonna be for my friend,Christmas present sorted. Contains basics for beginners and some more advanced stuff, tips about travel photography and about travel too, which is great for me. Make me want to pack and take pics from the first page. Very easy to read which is not common in photography books, found myself reading it before sleep. Im gonna register for its website to improve my pics. Would recommend!!!

Great Place to Start.
By Matthew Gibbs
The book I was looking for, great place to cover all the things a beginner should know. Slant is on travel as that's what the author does, but really gives an intro into terminology, techniques, ideas and computer work etc for anybody picking up a DSLR for the first time.

Essential travel photography book for the serious photographer.
By J. Blaney
I've owned this book 6 weeks and I honestly haven't been able to put it down.

Its absolutely superb. The book is filled with invaluable tips and advice on every aspect of Travel photography, from someone who's a very experienced and evidently successful, well published, professional photographer. Everyone will find many topics to suit them, even if they primarily are not a travel photographer.

The book really is very informative and real-world placing a heavy emphasis on real-world tips when working on location or in the field, particularly in dealing with people, which is why its relevant to so many photographers. Having lived in South East Asia for 5 years and travelled extensively in the region, I know and greatly appreciate the hard work and effort that has gone into producing a book like this, which comes across in Steve's honesty and openness throughout the book.

Aside from being packed with amazing images captured from all over the world, Steve talks you through difficulties he encountered, solutions, human interaction, and of course camera settings for the shots.

The book also has a huge section where Steve goes the professional aspects of photography based on his own experiences as a working professional photographer. He covers copyrighting considerations, procedures for backing up images and a good overview of efficient post production editing workflow considerations.

Even if you aren't into travel photography, this book is simply superb. Its packed full of tips and advice, applicable to every genre of photography and will not only inspire you to get out there shooting, but will without a doubt improve and raise your game.

If you haven't got this book, I would definitely recommend buying it. Having read hundreds of photography books, this is one that I'll definitely keep as an everyday reference and working manual based on a Pro's first hand account of years on the road.

Photoshop Insider
Scott Kelby on Footprint Travel Photography

I don’t normally do book reviews, because I don’t think it’s right for me, a Photoshop and photography book author, to publicly criticise another author’s Photoshop or photography instruction book. It just ain’t right. Luckily, with this book I don’t have to (which is why I’m making an exception and doing a book review).

I just got a copy of “Footprint Travel Photography” by Steve Davey (published by Footprint Books), and I have to tell you, I’m very impressed. Here are seven things I love about this book:

Read the whole review here

Footprint Travel Photography 2e, by Steve Davey

Published by Footprint Handbooks

ISBN: 1906098425 • Price 19.99

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