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By combining experience gained from years as working professional travel photographer, with that gleaned from leading a number of photographic trips for Intrepid Travel, Steve has designed and created a range of tours that are completely different from anything else that is available.

On Steve's tours, you will see some fascinating parts of the world in Intrepid's unique style whilst gaining a valuable insight into the life of a professional travel photographer. With Steve's patience, enthusiasm and experience you will drastically improve your travel photography and learn more about taking pictures than you ever thought possible.

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Some of the main differences with standard groups tours are:

a). Tour specifically designed for photo opportunities and to be in the right place at the right time as much as possible.

b). Presence of Steve Davey on the tour, supplying tuition and encouragement based on his years as a professional photographer.

c). Ability to speak to Steve about equipment and other matters before the start of the tour.

d). Opportunity to join an (optional) discussion forum with Steve and other members of the tour before (and after) departure to discuss equipment, and also arrange to meet up with any of the members of the group before the tour starts if you arrive early!

e). Steve will be setting up galleries where group members can upload images from the trip. Should you require you can post a selection of your pictures and also receive a personal comment and opinion from Steve, who will suggest ways that you can improve and take your photography further. This way, you can edit your own pictures, and then have Steve look at the ones that you have selected. This means that you can identify any problems or areas that you think require attention and benefit from Steve's knowledge and experience, even after the tour has finished!

f). Critiques are an important part of every trip. We aim to have rolling critiques every night after the illustrated talk. Obviously it won't be possible to show everyone's work every night, and it does depend on people putting their own pictures forward. These can be a great way fr people to have instant feedback on their work. Steve is also always happy to look at pictures throughout the day on an individual basis, and offer encouragement and suggestions for improvement.

g). Steve will be giving a number of illustrated talks throughout the tour, covering aspects of travel photography. This might be techniques, or practical suggestions for upcoming picture-taking scenarios. To make these illustrations easier to see, Steve will be using a small digital projector.

There are other photo tours on the market but they don't have the advantages of the tours that Steve runs.

Some of the differences with other photography tours are:

1). Steve's tours draw on the skill and experience of carefully selected travel companies to provide the land arrangements for his tours.

2). These tours only have a maximum group size of twelve, meaning that you won't be swamped, and you will have plenty of access to ask Steve questions. This also means that you won't swamp places that you visit, meaning that you will find it easier to interact with the locals and come away with great, sympathetic and individual photographs.

3). These tours are led by a working professional photographer. In truth, anyone can make an impressive gallery of images if they shoot enough pictures, have a bit of luck with the conditions and edit out few good ones. A working professional travel photographer will be used to being commissioned to takes pictures by publications and publishers. This means that they are used to working with limited time and to a limited budget – conditions that are similar to those experienced by the amateur photographer.

A professional travel photographer will be able to teach you how to shoot in difficult conditions, when the light is coming from the wrong direction or the weather is less than perfect.

4). A leader with a proven track record: Steve has recently published a major book on travel photography, and regularly writes features for on travel photography for two magazines. He has even has experience in leading photo-tours.

5). The professional photographer leading the tour is the one who has designed and marketed the tour: you can speak to him in advance and see examples of his work and style of photography. This is not just a job for Steve Davey, but a business he is proud of, and has a major vested interest in making sure that everything is perfect.

A bespoke range of photographic tours, designed and led by travel photographer Steve Davey. These tours draw on Steve's years of experience and intimate knowledge of some of the most fascinating and evocative parts of the planet.

More than a holiday, you will benefit from many picture taking opportunities as well as tailored photographic tuition & encouragement.

At Better Travel Photography we select the best company to provide the land arrangements, but our tours are a completely separate product to anything that they offer.

What we are able to do is to take the best of what they have to offer; often drawing on a number of styles and products, and create something unique that is far better and more angled towards travel photography. This might be visiting the highlights in the best light, spending an extra day at a key place or using more private transport, to allow us the freedom and flexibility to stop when we need to take pictures. Sometimes it will involve timing our trip to attend a festival or a key event.

The result is that we can create a totally unique product - calling on the experience and organisation of some of the best names in the travel industry and combining it with the drive, knowledge and flexibility of a professional travel photographer. Some of the main differences between our tours and the competition can be found here.

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