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Land arrangements will be sub-contracted to Intrepid Travel, who have many years experience in running small group adventures.

Bookings are made through the Intrepid Tailor Made Dept. in London not the Intrepid website or Stores. Contact Steve Davey for information


unforgetPlaces4PCThese tours will be led by Steve Davey - a professional photographer, whose work appears in publications all over the world. He is the author of the bestselling Unforgettable Places To See Before You Die (BBC Books). Steve recently published Footprint Travel Photography (Footprint Books), which covers everything that you would ever want to know about travelling with a camera. Click for more.

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bespoke tours

The World has certainly changed: Covid 19 has ravaged many countries and even those that have not been so seriously affected have changed their border controls. Travel is more difficult than at almost any other time in my life, and many people are wary of travelling with people that they don't know.

To meet these challenges, we are lunching own own bespoke tours. Quite simply, this will allow you to organise your on private trip with Steve Davey - either on your own, or with a partner or group of friends. This is a unique opportunity to be able to organise just the trip that you want, and be accompanied by a professional photographer. You will be able to visit exactly the places you want, do what you want when you are there, and crucially be able to specify exactly the level of photographic instruction that you want.

Steve Davey will organise the travel arrangements, and will accompany you on the trip, providing countless photo opportunities and photographic tuition tailored to your exact wants and needs.

With our bespoke tours, the entire itinerary can be organised around your own photographic and travel interests. Steve will organise the trip through his contacts at Intrepid Travel, and we can even be accompanied by an Intrepid leader - it is all up to you!

The advantages are that you can travel with exactly the people you want to travel with (or even on your own if you are so minded). You can tailor any trip to your own preferences, and make sure that the photographic tuition is organised around your own interests and needs. You don't even need to leave the country: we can just as easily organise a bespoke tour in the United Kingdom!

Another benefit is that tours can be organised at relatively short notice: if the Covid 19 situation eases in a certain country or region, then you can organise a trip with Steve in a matter of months! As we will not be selling places on the trip, we won't need the same long lead times that we do on our regular tours.

This exclusive treatment does not necessarily have to cost significantly more than our regular trips either. Depending on the number of people you travel with, it could work out very similar to our scheduled tours. Obviously if you are travelling with fewer people, or even on your own, then all of the costs for having Steve Davey and an Intrepid local leader on the trip will need to be split between fewer people! What you will get in these circumstances though is a completely bespoke tour with a high degree of individual attention and personal tuition.

If you would like more information on our bespoke tours, or would like to discuss a potential itinerary with Steve Davey, then please use the ask for more information link.

You can see a few potential destinations, and the sort of shots that you can take in the slide show on this page.

Highlights of any trip

Full control of your itinerary

Trips can be customised

• Travel with people you know

• Set your own group size

• Shorter lead times

• Personal photography tuition

tour summary

ask for more information

We can organise a bespoke tour to pretty much anywhere in the World or just in the UK, for any number of people.

To see some typical destinations check out the slide show on this page, or contact us for information.

Who might benefit from a bespoke tour?

People who want precise control on their itinerary

People who want to travel on their own, and dedicate their time to photography

People who want to travel with a group of friends

People who want to travel as a couple

People who are worried about Covid and travelling with strangers

People with children who want to travel as a family, but still take pictures

People who want an intense photography experience and personalised photography tuition

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