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Newsletter 37 - sent on the 10 January 2020



Photograph Madagascar at a Discount!


Dear [Name,fallback=],

Sometimes I wish that I had a crystal ball: some of our trips sell out months and months in advance - with others, bookings are really slow. Bizarrely we have struggled with bookings on our forthcoming trip to Madagascar. In order to make sure that this trip goes ahead, we have renegotiated with Intrepid Travel who supply our land arrangements, and have come up with a significant discount of 300 off the trip price.

Fitting with our policy that everyone pays the same on our trips, we will be offering the same discount to people who have already booked: meaning that there is no reason not to book any of our trips as soon as they are released!

If you needed any reminders as to why Madagascar is one of the most fascinating wildlife destinations in the World, check out the wildlife highlights of the trip below.

Impressions of Madagascar

On our last newsletter we gave you the five non-wildlife highlights of our Impressions of Madagascar trip - on this email, I wanted to take the opportunity to let you know the incredible wildlife highlights that you will also be able to experience on this trip. As well as the endemic mammals that can be found in the country, there is an amazing array of reptiles and birds in Madagascar, and we will encounter many of them in most of the parks that we visit.

Remember - we have reduced the price of this trip by 300 - making it an even better opportunity to explore this unique and entrancing country.


Wherever possible we will make daytime and night-time visits to the various parks we visit, as these give us the widest possible chance to see many endemic species.

Wildlife highlights of Impressions of Madagascar:

• Isalo National Park - this eroded sandstone landscape is most noted for the Verreaux's sifaka, also known as the dancing lemurs, due to their habit of hopping on the ground between trees. Other species that can be found here include: Ring-tailed lemur, Red-tailed sportive lemur and Coquerel's giant mouse lemur. Twenty four amphibians and 47 reptiles have been documented in Isalo National Park

• Marofandilia Forest - Forest reserve in the shadow of the Avenue of Baobabs. A great place to see Grey Mouse Lemur, Red Fronted Brown Lemur and even the fearsome fossa (below)!


• Anja Community Reserve in Ambalavao - a good chance of being able to see and photograph the iconic Ring-Tailed Lemur, known locally as the Maki. The reserve is home to the highest concentration of maki in all of Madagascar.

• Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park - a UNESCO World Heritage site, which consists of fantastically eroded eroded karst limestone rock formations. There is also significant forest here and a great chance to see lemurs and chameleons, including the Red Fronted Brown Lemur and the Decken's sifaka (below).


• Zombitse-Vohibasia National Park - there are 90 species of birds here, including 38 which are endemic. Eight species of lemur can also be found here, including Ring-tailed lemur, Red-fronted lemur, Fat-tailed dwarf lemur and Zombitse Sportive Lemur

• Reniala Reserve - noted for the spiny forest of baobab trees, reptiles and birdlife. There are also a group of rescued Ring-Tailed Lemurs here.

• Honko conservation area - a significant mangrove area, with great birdlife.

• Ifaty Whale-watching - depending on the actual times of the migration, we should have the chance for an optional whale-watching excursion before we leave the South to fly back to the capital.

• Lemur Park - a final chance to top up on your wildlife pictures, we will make a visit to ths sanctuary near to the capital city Antananarivo, which has a variety of species from all over the country living free in a very natural environment.


You can see a gallery of images of some of what we expect to photograph on this trip on this link. Remember though that the entire Southern part of the itinerary is completely new to us, and so all of the shots in this gallery are only from the first half of the itinerary!

Impressions of Madagascar departs from Antananarivo on the 4 June 2020 for 16 days, and with the 300 discount costs from 3495 per person based on twinshare. To see all of the fantastic places we visit on this trip, and the fantastic places that we will be staying, check out the full itinerary here, or you can find the booking form here.


Destinations Travel Photography Masterclasses

This coming weekend I will be running a series of Travel Photography Masterclasses at the Destinations Shows in London. There are a number of masterclasses to choose from, for people of all photographic abilities, including Advanced DSLR & Mirrorless skills, Telling Stories with Composition and Capturing a Sense of Place. The Masterclasses are an entertaining and concentrated way to learn a number of new skills and include entry to the show, so you will also have time to plan your next trip away.


Masterclasses are held at Destinations London on the 30 January to 2 February 2020. You can see what sessions are available and make bookings on this link.

As we are in a discounting frame of mind, you can get 5 off you Masterclass, by quoting DAVEY when booking. This means that the workshops will cost just 25!

The sessions are sponsored by Intrepid Travel, and you will get a 50 Intrepid voucher, which you can also redeem off any of my tours, meaning that you can effectively come along for free and still get money off your next trip!



Better Travel Photography


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Have a great 2020,

Steve Davey



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