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Improve your photography in Jordan or Laos


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Although it feels as though we have only just entered Summer in the Northern Hemisphere, we officially passed midsummer with the Summer Solstice a couple of weeks ago. Now that I am based in Somerset, I decided to head to nearby Glastonbury Tor to photograph the Sunrise. This is one of the best places to witness sunrise on the longest day in the country and attracts an eclectic collection of ageing hippies, druids and the curious. You can see more images on the Current Work section of my website.

I am in the process of exploring the area down here with a view to setting up a series of residential courses taking in some of the highlights of the region. Expect more information towards the end of the year.

In response to a number of requests we are in the process of creating pdf downloads for each of our tours. This will help you to see the amazing things that are covered, along with a series of pictures showing you the sort of things that you can expect to see... and photograph! The first of the pdfs cover the two tours at the end of the year Impressions of Jordan and Impressions of Laos. These have an expanded itinerary with a large selection of images of all of the things that you will be able to see on the trip, and can be downloaded from the trip pages, or using the weblinks below.

Lastly, if you scroll to the foot of his email, you will find another Lightroom tip to help you to get more out of your post-processing! Enjoy!


Impressions of Jordan

Jordan has an incredible history: Romans, Nabateans, Crusaders and even Saladin's army have left their mark on the landscape and left behind spectacular ruins and archaeological sites. There is a great deal of biblical history here, and two of the great seas in the world: the wildly contrasting Dead and Red Seas!


Jordan is about far more than landscapes and ancient sites though. It is one of the friendliest and welcoming places that you could travel in, and a fantastic place to shoot portraits as you travel through the country.


All the way through the country you will find people who will be happy to stop and chat, and also pose for pictures; creating great memories as well and evocative portraits. We will hold a specific workshop on this trip helping you to be more confident in your people photography, and teach you some of Steve's best tips to help you come away with stunning portraits.

Impressions of Jordan departs from Amman on the 22 October 2019 for 11 days, and costs from 1795 per person based on twinshare. A single supplement option is also available. To see all of the fantastic places we visit on this trip, check out the full itinerary here, or you can find the booking form here.

The pdf for this trip can be downloaded on this link.


Impressions of Laos

Tucked away on the far South of Laos, just before the usually languid Mekong River slips across the border into Cambodia, the calm is broken by a series of waterfalls and rapids that make the river unnavigable. The river is filled with literally thousands of islands and islets - 4000 of them officially giving the area its name: Si Phan Don. Four thousand islands.



This is a stunning, rural area: perfect for waterfall photography, but also a great place for photographing rural life and portraits. There is also a chance of seeing the rare Mekong Dolphin. We will have a workshop on shooting waterfall shots, as well as a boat trip exploring river life.


Si Phan Don is also a great place to photograph monks on their morning alms round. There will be far fewer monks, but they sometimes chant prayers for the faithful after they have received their alms. The more rural location is also very photogenic and a contrast with seeing the ritual in the cities in the North.

Impressions of Laos departs from Luang Prabang on the 27 November 2019 for 14 days, and costs from 1995 per person based on twinshare. A single supplement option is also available. You can see all of the other fantastic places that we visit on the full itinerary here, or you can find the booking form here.

The pdf for this trip can be downloaded on this link.


Lightroom tip 03 - Improve your profile

Adobe Lightroom offers you a great deal of control over the look and feel of your image, yet many photographers fall at the first hurdle: setting the profile of the image. This massively useful and vital function used to be tucked away in the nether reaches of the Develop module. Many people though never located it, and so in more recent versions of Lightroom, it has been moved to the top of the Basics pane.


The default for your images will be Adobe Standard, which is fairly universally dismissed as not a very good option. If you click on the four rectangles next to the profile, thenyou see a selection of thumbnails representing different profiles. The ones to head for initially are the Camera Matching profiles. These emulate the profiles that are built into your camera. This is especially useful if you have a Fuji camera which will have a number of film emulation profiles built-in. Even selecting the Camera Standard will give you better results that using the Adobe profile.


There are also a number of profiles for Black and White photography, and also a series of Vintage, Modern and Artistic profiles that seek to emulate various popular processing styles. If you run the cursor over different profiles, then your image will preview their effect.


The black and white options emulate the use of colour filters that used to be used with black and white film to change the way that colours are reproduced in monochrome images. So the red filter will lighten skin tones and darken a blue sky. Orange and Yellow filter options will do the same thing, but with progressively less effect.

Once you have set the profile, then you can continue to adjust your image using the usual commands in the Develop module.


Better Travel Photography


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Best wishes,

Steve Davey



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