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Many of our tours and courses sell out in a matter of weeks, and as we only run a limited number in a year, you might miss out! The best way to keep up to date with new tours is through our very occasional newsletter. Averaging around one a month, this will be the first place that we announce anything! We also will occasionally give you the chance to vote for future destinations!

You can see our current, and a few of our recent newsletters below.

Current newsletter:

19 January 2022 - Looking forward to travel in 2022!

Previous newsletters:

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18 November 2021 - Join us at the Crossroads of History!

22 October 2021 - Join us on the Roof of the World!

21 September 2021 - Time to travel again!

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25 May 2021 - One Crowded Hour!

12 March 2021 - Dreaming of foreign travel!

8 November 2020 - Staying a little more local!

29 July 2020 - Looking towards the future!

9 June 2020 - Light at the end of the tunnel!

17 April 2020 - Making the most of a bad situation!

24 March 2020 - What a difference two weeks makes!

14 February 2020 - Fall in love with Rajasthan!

28 January 2020 - Photograph Madagascar at a discount!

10 January 2020 - Get a 2020 Vision!


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