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Newsletter 47 - sent on the 22 September 2021


Time to travel again!


Dear [Name,fallback=],

The UK travel restrictions are finally easing, and the need for vaccinated travellers to take expensive PCR tests will be lifted for most countries at the beginning of October! Combined with the UK vaccine booster program for the more vulnerable and options for foreign travel from the UK have not looked so positive since this pandemic began.

We have a wide range of tours organised for 2022, but if you can't wait to hit the road again, then you can organise your own tour. Through our partners, Intrepid Travel, we have the ability to organise a bespoke tour at very short notice, to almost anywhere in the world.

As I mentioned in our last newsletter - we are putting together a series of UK photography courses, but in the meantime, you do have the option of organising your own course - either as a one-to-one or with a group of friends. I have been investigating various photographic locations in the West Country and can take you to a range of stunning locations to suit all photographic interests. We are also approaching the season for Autumn colours, and also the time of the great starling mumerations on the Somerset Levels!

With all of this good news, there is no reason why you should't start planning your next photographic adventure right away.

Private local courses

Our private local courses allow you to treat yourself to some intensive one-to-one tuition in some of the most stunning and iconic landscapes in the country, or a private photography course with a group of friends,. This is the perfact way to focus on the type of landscapes that interest you, and concentrate on the skills that you want to improve.

This time of year is the perfect time for shooting in the UK: not only can you enjoy the glowing Autumn colours, but sunrise and sunset times are far more civilised and you can often see your subject with a dusting of morning mist.


Photographically, you can concentrate on photographing birdlife, brush up on technical skills like stacking images and shooting long exposures, or even learn how to shoot astro-photography.

Since Steve moved down to the West Country, he has been exploring his local area, and now has a range of options for photographic excursions. At the moment, these are going to be offered as private courses, but soon we are planning to launch a series of scheduled courses soon. In the meantime, you can see some sample courses on this link.

Bespoke tours

If you can't wait until 2022 to go on one of our scheduled tours, or would like an unashamedly premium experience of travelling on your own itineray tour with a small group of like-minded fiends, then we can organise a bespoke tour, taking in the destiations and photographic skills that interest you.


Through our tours partner, Intrepid Travel, we can organise all aspects of your tour - often at remarkably short notice - and we can even be accompanied by an Intrepid leader if you wish. There really is no limit to the sort of thing that we can organise for you, and it is the perfect way to have the adventure travel experience without the need to hang out with strangers, and to get the most intensive photographi tuition possible. More information on this link.

Scheduled tours for 2022

We have a number of exciting tours organised for 2022, which will see us head to some of the most photogenic parts of the World. All of our 2022 tours are organised through Intrepid Travel, which means that you have the full back-up and industry protection of one of the largest and most experienced players in adventure travel.


Our 2022 shedule starts off with Impressions of Uzbekistan in May 2022, which explores this fascinating Central Asian country which has been at the crossroads of history for hundreds of years. More information on Impressions of Uzbekistan on this link.


July 2022 sees us return to the stunning high-altitude region of Ladakh in the Indian Himalayas, where we will witness a colourful monastery festival and also a local polo tournament. We will explore many ancient monasteries and remote, hidden valleys across some of the highest motorable mountain passes in the World. More information on Impressions of Ladakh here.


September 2022 takes us to Southern Africa to witness the amazing wildlife and harsh desert scenary, including the soaring red dunes at cracked pans at Sosussvlei. More information on Impressions of Namibia here.



Our final deoarture in October and November 2022 is a return to India, where we will explore the vibrant desert state of Rajasthan, visinting the iconic Pushkar Camel Fair and the lesser known Bikaner Mela. More information on Impressions of Rajasthan here.


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All bests,

Steve Davey




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