Hanoi Moto Taxi

People often ask me whether they should bring a tripod on one of my tours, and this image is the perfect answer. Even though it is possible to boost the ISO in low light levels and not need a tripod, if you want to get creative and introduce motion blur into your images than you will need some way to keep the camera still at long shutter speeds.

That being said, carrying a tripod can be a pain, especially if you have to carry it with you all day. The only way to balance weight and stability is to go for a good quality carbon fibre tripod. These are expensive: usually very expensive, although the Sirui travel tripods are exceptionally good value, and are light and compact enough to be carried all day on the off chance.

The old centre of Hanoi is a perfect place to take street pictures. A warren of atmospheric streets, it is full with bustling life. As the light levels dropped, finding pictures was harder, until I noticed this Moto Taxi driver relaxing and waiting for custom. He was almost motionless, and so after a quick smile of introduction, I was able to set up the camera and shoot a number of images. By using a slow shutter speed I was able to blur the traffic in the background, and as long as the driver kept still, I he would be perfectly sharp. he contrast in the image is emphasised by his seemingly precarious position.

I had to shoot a number of images, as he often moved his head slightly, and sometimes when he was still, the traffic in the background wasn't quite right. Eventually though I got the shot, and after showing him the picture I was trying to achieve I moved off. Even when someone is happy to be photographed it is always possible to outstay your welcome!

Nikon D3x @ ISO 250.
Nikon 24-70mm lens @ 32mm
seconds @ f 13
Sirui T-2250x Carbon Fibre tripod

Words and image Steve Davey/ 2014

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