Fruit stall selling oranges on a sidestreet near Khari Baoli Road, (Spice Market Bazaar off Chandni Chowk), Old Delhi, India

Not every photography involves planning in advance, but you should still get into the habit of thinking before you actually press the shutter - indeed I would say that you should think before even raising the camera to your eye.

The area around the Spice Market in Old Delhi is a fantastic area to take pictures. There are so many people and things to photograph; along with the often heady and overpowering smell of spices. Walking around one day I was hailed by the younger man in the picture who motioned for me to photograph the old man - presumably for a joke as he has a pronounced squint. I smiled at the man and slightly lifted the camera, and he waggled his head in agreement.

At this moment I paused to consider the image and noticed the smirk on the face of the young man, who clear thought it was all a great joke and that he was a great comedian. This was the real story in the scene - not the portrait. I moved slightly, held the camera horizontally, and zoomed out to include the youuth in the frame. He was still sniggering, not realising that he was being photographed. The Sikh man in the background leaning over to see what is going on, was just a bonus.

This picture shows that even a few seconds of thought before taking a picture can allow you to see the story that is in front of you, previsualise the image and then create the photograph by thinking about how you combine elements within the frame. This picture also manages to be a portraits shot with permission, and also a candid - which for me is the very essence of so-called Street Photography!

Nikon D2x @ ISO 100
Nikon 12-24 mm lens @ 14mm (21mm equivalent)
seconds @ f 4.5

Words and image Steve Davey/ 2017

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