Mastering Composition with Steve Davey

It doesn't matter what camera you have, you can drastically improve your photography by improving your composition. This course will explore all aspects of composition, to make your pictures more visually balanced and pleasing. But composition is about more than just how your pictures look: by changing the composition you can change the relationship between things in the frame, set up meaning and make your pictures more visually stimulating. Steve will comprehensively explain his theory of 'Mise en Scene' or the art of combining items in the frame to create more sophisticated images.


Photography For Writers with Steve Davey

Many writers, whether they be working freelancers, ambitious staffers, aspiring professionals or personal bloggers, just don't get photography. At best they regard it as something to be done grudgingly – at worst they don't bother! But if you are a writer or a blogger having the ability to take adequate pictures will increase your income, get you more work and potentially drive more hits to your blog. This course will look at how to take better pictures in a range of scenarios, and then look at simple post-processing and how to caption and keyword pictures before looking at method of digital delivery.

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We have identified a number of areas where many people experience difficulties with their photography, and have come up with a unique and targeted range of London based photography workshops. This might be to brush up on their skills before heading off on a big trip, or just to shoot better pictures at home. Our range of photography courses can be found below. Click on any of the images to go to the specific course page, or use the courses by date tab to see which courses will happen on a given date.

We are planning on expanding our range of workshops and some new themes are currently under development, but if there is something that you would like us to cover, then please do email us using the form on the making a booking page to let us know. Alternatively if you have a couple of friends or colleagues who would like to cover the same areas then why not consider requesting a bespoke course. If you would like to be kept informed about any developments, use the form here, and select 'Please add me to your mailing list'.

Our photo courses are run by a named professional photographer and have a maximum of six people, giving you much more individual tuition and attention than some of our cheaper rivals.

The cost for our half day courses starts at 80.


Private Lightroom Workshops with Steve Davey
Adobe Lightroom is the most popular RAW processing software, yet many people struggle with even getting started with the basics. Although a very complex program which can appear bewildering, it can also be used in a simple and powerful fashion, to quickly and creatively achieve excellent results. Once you are comfortable with the basics of Lightroom, you can expand your knowledge and tackle more challenging images. Steve is offering two customised private workshops: one a basic starter to the software, and another offering a series advanced skills.


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Telling Stories of the Thames with Steve Davey
London is a great city. An atmospheric and historic place with many stories to be told. We will walk down the Thames (and crossing the odd bridge) photographing many of the iconic and historic places along the way. The main theme on this course is how you can tell stories with your photographs, and will touch on many elements of documentary photography that you will need to communicate with people who view your pictures. This will include seeing pictures and composition, and through these techniques, this course will help you to shoot more meaningful pictures.


Bespoke Courses with Steve Davey
Although we have a comprehensive range of photography courses, we realise that we don't cover every possible scenario. If you have a specialist interest, or a specific need, then you might find that a bespoke photography course might be the best option. If you have few friends, or a small group from a camera club or would even like the option of personal tuition then this will ensure that you can cover exactly what you want, tailoring the course specifically to your own needs. You might even just want to run one of our existing courses, but at a time convenient for you and without anyone else on attending the workshop.

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East End Street Photography with Steve Davey
The East End of London is an eclectic and fast-changing part of London. It is a place of traditional markets, contrasting with cafes where you can buy bowls of cereal at hipster prices! The markets are varied: we will visit the Colombia Road Flower Market and then move on to the iconic Brick Lane Market. These two markets, and the atmospheric streets of the area are a perfect location for street photography. We will be able to shoot both candid and travel-style portraits, as well as numerous atmospheric shots of some of the places that Steve considers the most photogenic in the local area.

Better Travel Photography was created by Steve Davey to celebrate the art of travel photography and to help people improve their travel photography skills and get more out of their travels. Some of the highlights of the site are image galleries, travel photography features and 501 Travel Photography Tips. This site also features Steve's exclusive range of travel photography tours.

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