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Although we have a comprehensive range of photography courses, we realise that we don't cover every possible scenario. If you have a specialist interest, or a specific need, then you might find that a bespoke course might be the best option for you.

Bespoke courses for individuals

If you have few friends, or a small group from a camera club or would even like the option of personal tuition then a bespoke course will ensure that you can cover exactly what you want, tailoring the course specifically to your own needs. You might even just want to run one of our existing courses, but at a time convenient for you and without anyone else on attending the workshop.

This might be learning about street portraits, landscapes or even studio portraiture. We have access to a well equipped photography studio, where we could run a private course, or even help you to shoot photographs of your own, using one of our photographers to advise and assist.

Bespoke courses for business

A professional photographer should bring expensive high quality equipment and many years of experience to their trade. They will be experienced in a wide range of styles and scenarios and should be able to cope with a number of unexpected eventualities.

However, we realise that many businesses and charities cannot afford or justify the use of a professional photographer, and rely on members of staff to shoot pictures for internal use, websites or even small brochures. By using our bespoke courses you can train up yourself or your staff in order to make sure that these pictures are better and more effective.

Whether you need to shoot products, staff portraits, interiors or even food for menus, then one of our bespoke courses can equip you and your staff to get the best result possible. At times a photographer is not practical: Steve has previous trained producers for a travel TV production company in coming back with quality production stills from overseas shoots.

You can even one one of our bespoke courses as a team building exercise to reward your staff and make them a more effective and cohesive group.

Whether you are a business, a camera club or just a few friends with a common interest, you can organise a bespoke photography course that will cover exactly what you want. This can allow you to develop your own skills or train your staff in the finer points of photography.

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A bespoke course might cost less than you imagine...

Prices for 1 or 2 people start at 240 during the week, and 280 at weekends


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