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One of the best ways to improve your photographs is to simply head out and take pictures. Don't wait until you are able to travel again: get out as much as possible and shoot as much as possible. And if you are able to be accompanied by a professional photographer, to help you with angles and techniques, then so much the better!

This is where I come in! On one of our bespoke photography courses, I will take you to various photogenic locations in the West Country, and help you to make the most of photographing them. With my help, you will be able to learn how to approach a new location, choose your composition and then master a numer of vital techniques that will give you the confidence to tackle similar subjects on your own in the future. This is what I am aiming for on both my courses and photography tours. I want to help you to get the skills and the confidence to be able to travel and photograph on your own!

There are a number of amazing locations within an hour or so drive of my new base in Somerset. This includes idyllic villages, stunning coastline and remote and wild moors. Itineraries can be customised to suit your interests, levels of fitness and the sorts of shots and even skills that you are interested in. Please have a look on the slideshow below to see some of the places you can be taken to, and the photographic skills that you can learn, and then please do get in touch to discuss the options, the sort of places you are interested in and also the sort of photographic skills that you would like to master.

Sample local courses include:

Starling Mumerations at the Avalon Marshes
The Starling Mumerations on the Avalon Marshes near Glastonbury are one of the wildelife spectacle of the UK. Tens of thousands of birds flying in formation to their roosts at sunset form a compelling subject. I would scope out the precise spot that the Starlings roosted in the night before the course, which will give us the best chance of seeing them. If you are local, or prepared to overnight in the area we could photograph in the reserve in the aftern, catch the Starlings then return for pre-sunrise the next morning to see the starlings flying away in the morning, before shooting more in the morning light. For the rest of our time, we can photograph in the fantastic collection of reserves that make up the Avalon Marshes, where Buzzards and Marsh Harriers and Great Egrets are common, and Otters are sometimes seen. We can also take in the nearby town of Glastonbury with its iconic tor.

Wild Dartmoor
There are so many photographic opportunitites in Dartmoor, from photographing some of the spectacular tors to exploring ancient forests, historic bridges and tumbling rivers. Dartmoor is also the perfect place to shoot astro photography. This course can run over a number of days with overnight stays in the area.

Highlights of West Dorset
Starting off with a sunrise at the beautiful Colymer's Hill, before taking in Symondsbury and the haunting Shutes and Hell Lanes, Abbotsbury and other stunning Dorset locations before finishing off at Burton Bradstock beach for sunset.

Brownsea Island and RSPB Arne (Including sunrise at Corfe Castle)
The bird reserves of Brownsea Island and RSPB Arne are perfect places to see many varied bird species, including the rare Spoonbill. This course will look at how to get the best bird photographs and the correct use of a telephoto lens. We can even combine this course with a sunrise opportunity at nearby Corfe Castle - known for its misty winter mornings.

Please note: any of our full day courses can either be run from Sunrise to sunset, or from midday to midday with an overnight in between.

We are also able to meet you at a local railway station, and provide full transport during the course if required.

Bespoke courses cost 250 for a half day; 395 for a full day, with discounts for multiple days.

There are a number of skills that can be incorporated into a private photography course:

• Wildlife photography

• Landscape photography

• Using a tripod and slow shutter speeds

• Maximising depth of field

• Creative composition

• Shooting HDRs and Panoramas

• Night and Astro photography

• Drone photography

• Post-production and Lightroom skills

Any course that we run will be completely socially distanced, and will obviously follow any prevailing heath restrictions and rules. I can tailor the itinery to fit with your level of fitness, and interests, and any particular requirements that you might have.

If you are interested in a course lasting more than one day, I can recommend safe and comfortable local accommodation.

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