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We have a comprehensive learning zone, comprising of 501 travel photography tips and travel photography features and galleries to help you to improve your travel photography.

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Steve Davey is a writer and photographer based in London. His self-confessed low boredom threshold and fascination with the sights and cultures of the world has led Steve to be an avid traveller all of his life.

In the course of his work, Steve has travelled to some 87 countries photographing and researching a range of stories.

Some of the highlights have included photographing the Maha Kumbh Mela at Allahabad – the largest gathering on the planet; hanging out of a plane whilst photographing five countries in Southern Africa and snowmobiling in the Arctic. Images from these trips will appear in the galleries section of this website.

Steve is the author of the international best-selling Unforgettable Places to See Before You Die (BBC Books, 2004) and Unforgettable Islands to See Before You Die (BBC Books 2007). He has recently updated Footprint Travel Photography 2e (Footprint Books, 2014) which has widely been accepted as the leading title on the subject.unforgetPlaces4PC

To complement this book, Steve
launched the Better Travel
Photography range of Travel
Photography Tours. Steve's
professional website can be found

Better Travel Photography was launched by professional writer and photographer Steve Davey as a celebration of all aspects of travel photography and to try to convey some of the enjoyment that can be obtained through being a travel photographer.

Our simple mission: by improving your travel photography, you can have a more fulfilling time when you travel. Bringing home better pictures and also being more confident to approach people and situations in order to take pictures.

From short illustrated tips, through to two week holidays, we have a raft of solutions to help improve your travel photography. Through this combined approach, Better Travel Photography seeks to inform, inspire and educate.

This is an emerging project, which we will expand over the coming weeks and months. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, please do let us know:

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