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Night Photography with Steve Davey


What will I learn on this course?

We will look at all of the aspects of night photography, from selecting the correct location and crucially the right time for taking your pictures, through to the technical aspects you will need to master. This will include how to use a tripod and what camera settings can help to avoid camera shake.

We will also look at the technical aspects of night photography, including exposure and histograms as well as white balance and RAW processing.

Selecting a location

Balancing light sources in your picture

Assessing exposure and reading histograms

Accurate focusing

Avoiding camera shake and correct use of tripods

Rendering movement

Techniques for shooting star trails

• Post-processing

Photographing at night can be an excellent way to show any location in a completely different way. The interplay of different light sources and the effect of long exposures on movement can make even the most familiar subject seem dynamic and unique. Night photography can be a great fallback if the weather is not perfect, with city light reflected from low-lying cloud, or reflected in wet pavements.

Good night photography takes a great deal of planning though. Shots are best taken at dus, when there is still some light in the sky, and so there is a relatively narrow window to get the most effective images.

This course will look at all aspects of night photography, centred on some of the most photogenic views of London. We will cover practical considerations, like tripods and camera settings, histograms, exposure and avoiding camera shake. We will also look at the creative decisions you will have to consider, including how movement is rendered in your images and composition at night.

We will have plenty of time to take a series of images in London, and will also look at strategies for shooting super-long exposures and star trails, although with so much light pollution this will just be a theoretical demonstration!

Finally we will look at some of the RAW processing options for your images and have a review session of the images we have managed to shoot on the night.

Cost of this course: 90

85 if booked with another course (or two people booking together)


Dates for this Course

Currently not scheduled - contact us to suggest a date.

Digital photography is ideally suited for creative night photography, allowing you to assess exposures, as well as manage colour temperatures in the scene. This course will equip you with all the techniques that you could ever need.

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Steve Davey is a professional photographer and writer based in London. For the past twenty years he has photographed people, places, cultures and festivals in some 84 countries for a range of books, publications and websites worldwide.

Steve has recently published Footprint Travel Photography, the leading guide to the subject and has launched the Better Travel Photography range of international photography tours. Steve also writes regular travel photography features for various publications and websites around the world. To see more about Steve click here...

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Better Travel Photography was created by Steve Davey to celebrate the art of travel photography and to help people improve their travel photography skills and get more out of their travels. Some of the highlights of the site are image galleries, travel photography features and 501 Travel Photography Tips. This site also features Steve's exclusive range of travel photography tours.

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