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Introduction to your DSLR with Steve Davey

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Steve Davey is a professional photographer and writer based in London. For the past twenty years he has photographed people, places, cultures and festivals in some 84 countries for a range of books, publications and websites worldwide.

Steve has recently published Footprint Travel Photography, the leading guide to the subject and has launched the Better Travel Photography range of international photography tours. Steve also writes regular travel photography features for various publications and websites around the world. To see more about Steve click here...


What will I learn on this course?

This course will give you a practical grounding on the basics skills of photography, and what settings you will need to understand on your camera to get better results. We will avoid getting bogged down in too many technical details, concentrating on simple and practical explanations about photographic principles and what settings you will need to employ to improve your success rate. We will also look at some of the creative aspects of photography, and simple compositional rules which can make your photographs more balanced and visually pleasing.

• Simple camera settings

• Shooting JPEGs

• Auto modes & metering

• White Balance

• Basic exposure

• Aperture/shutter-speed

• Understanding ISO

• Improving your focus

• Picture scene modes

• Simple composition

• Basic image processing

If you casually flip through your camera manual then you would probably imagine that all you have to do is point and click to get perfect pictures. Exposure, focus and white balance will all be taken care of by the in-camera wizardry: all you have to do is just press the button.

Unfortunately this is not always the case. Many of the default settings on your camera will not give you the results you are looking for, yet with a little knowledge you will know what to change, what to ignore and what to leave alone!

Often reading the manual isn't going to help much. This will tell you what all the different functions on your camera are, but not necessarily when and how you should use them. This is where our course will help. We start off with a short illustrated talk that will cover many of the basics of photography and a look at what camera settings you should use to achieve better pictures. We will also look at how to improve your composition.

After this, we will move on to an extensive practical session of picture-taking, whilst exploring some of the more photogenic parts of London. We will finish off with look at some of the pictures you have taken on the course and a tutorial on simple post-production techniques to improve your pictures. We will also make some suggestions as to ways that you can develop your skills in the future.

Cost of this course: 90

85 if booked in conjunction with another course (or two people booking together)


Dates for this Course

Not currently scheduled

This exclusive workshop will give you a comprehensive introduction to your DSLR whilst exploring some of the most photogenic locations in London.

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Better Travel Photography was created by Steve Davey to celebrate the art of travel photography and to help people improve their travel photography skills and get more out of their travels. Some of the highlights of the site are image galleries, travel photography features and 501 Travel Photography Tips. This site also features Steve's exclusive range of travel photography tours.

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